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OGP Phone Patrol Includes 4 Parts 
  • 1. Checkpoint tag (QR code,NFC,GPS)
  • 2. Patrol app 
  • 3. Supervisor app 
  • 4. Platform software account 
A New Patrol Era
  • Take advantage of smart phone and cloud technology,guard tour system 
  • already entry into a new era,OGP Phone Patrol is a patrol APP 
  • which install on the phone to scan QR code or NFC tag, 
  • upload the patrol data in real time
GPS checkpoint tag
  • Patrolmen pass by a preset range, the APP will get this location automatically, do not need to scan any tags
Take Pictures,Record Sound,Make texts 
Show where guards are in map
Prevent Personnel Cheating 
Prevent cheating from
copying checkpoint tag
No need to purchase devices
  • Save shipping cost & time
Superivor APP
  • All guards activities will be sent to
  • supervisor app autoimatically
  • according to the subscription.

Calendar Report

  • Only one glance, you can know one month patrol status 
Real time report
  • You can see where guards are in real time report
Evaluation Chart
  • Help admin easily to know who or which team works better
Track Playback 
  • Help you to know where guards
  • went when they were on duty 
  • We offer two options for you choose from,
  • use our platform or move the whole system to your server

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  • 2018-10-25

    I just want to buy the EM50 checkpoints tags can you you give me the price and how long it will take to deliver in uk please

    Thanks for your message, more info will be send to your email. 2018-10-25

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